Why I write

There a parable in the New Testament about the dealer in jewels that has always impressed me. To obtain the one perfect pearl he is willing to sell all his possessions to afford the purchase price. Obviously it is a parable about the Kingdom of heaven, but a similar motivation underlies my writing. I hope to write that one essay, that I can say is perfect. The one essay that will bring some original insight to the subject of economics. This will involve working on different variations on the same theme, there will be times when my lack of originality will be apparent. With there being just one enemy, Neo-Liberal economics the overlapping of themes will be inevitable. However if I can write the one essay that plays a crucial role in discrediting this pernicious doctrine, I will be satisfied.

Montaigne is the model for my essay writing, he claims to write to understand himself. I write to understand why the world has been led astray by the most pernicious of doctrines.


2 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Hi, I’m really curious what your background is. Are you a professional economist (with a PhD)? Or are you more of an economic methodologist/philosopher/something else? 🙂

    – curious economics-degree-holder

    1. Sorry my IPad is causing me problems, it keeps losing my reply. I am a retired economics teacher with a B.Sc. in Economics and an M.A.in Theology. I did try for a PhD in Theology but funding issues prevented me from undertaking one. If I could describe my writing, I would say it’s the writing of an economist with a strong philosophical and theological bent.

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